Dog Daies July 6th:


The 2014 Dog Daies List Is Live...

July 6: Consentacles
July 7: Lovemap
July 8: Polyamory
July 9: Star-crossed
July 10: Dragobete
July 11: Banquet of Chestnuts
July 12: The Screw of Archimedes
July 13: The Bucket In the Well
July 14: Love's Tailor
July 15: Soul With Soul
July 16: The Jewels of the Lovers and the Rejoicing of Souls
July 17: The Leaf of the Blue Lotus
July 18: The Coral and the Jewel
July 19: The Sixty-Four Arts
July 20: Milk and Water
July 21: Hips, Loins, Thighs
July 22: For Thy Love Is Better Than Wine
July 23: I held him and would not let him go
July 24: Whenever my shining desire wishes
July 25: Let us live, let us love
July 26: The Flower In Bloom
July 27: The Secret Offering
July 28: The Ardent Dreamer
July 29: The Forbidden Tree
July 30: The Ecstatic Dance
July 31: The Phoenix of Joy
August 1: The Snake Charmer
August 2: The Mysterious Liaison
August 3: But I would really enjoy it
August 4: Come back to bed, honey
August 5: Did you just romance Cthulhu?
August 6: Hemoerotic
August 7: Interplay of Sex and Violence
August 8: One Thing Led To Another
August 9: Stupid Sexy Friends
August 10: But liquor is quicker
August 11: You Sexy Beast
August 12: The Big Damn Kiss
August 13: Combative Sexual Tension
August 14: Friends With Benefits
August 15: Like An Old Married Couple
August 16: Love Is In the Air
August 17: Irrumatio


"The Dark Defiles," the next book in the Land Fit For Heroes, is available for preorder.
Okay, don't get me wrong. Garrosh Hellscream is the douchiest douche who ever douched douchily, an egomaniacal warmongering racist assmunch with Daddy Issues so massive they possess their own gravitational field. His "popularity" with the Horde and his "charisma" are deeply informed characteristics not even remotely borne out by his actual characterization.

But unless you're defining the Horde offensive in Ashenvale as "attempted genocide" and not a bog-standard land-grab that's been going on since *Vanilla,* then, no, Garrosh is not a *genocidal* egomaniacal warmongering racist assmunch.

On the other hand, the excerpt here seems to be somewhere along the lines of, "Well, we've got A former Warchief of the Horde in custody, so let's charge him with crimes committed by EVERY Warchief of the Horde back to Blackhand the Destroyer and see what sticks."

WoW: So!

Steamwheedle Cartel is being merged with Kirin Tor.

Anybody still play over there? Sod?

Special Agent K. Theodore Corben/Valravn

001.Heart 002.Stone 003.Cold 004.Hole 005.Cut
006.Queue 007.Turn 008.Apathy 009.Innocence 010.Stay
011.Drunk 012.Attitude 013.Rational 014.Possible 015.Temperature
016.Goodbye 017.Hero 018.Point 019.Try 020.Dinner
021.Scar 022.Perfect 023.Solution 024.Science 025.Proud
026.Pretend 027.Late 028.Forever 029.Defend 030.Gone
031.Determined 032.Abducted 033.Communication 034.Disguise 035.Drugged
036.Tragedy 037.Butterfly 038.Effect 039.Design 040.Substance
041.Smoke 042.Paranormal 043.Spooky 044.Spy 045.Morph
046.Pulse 047.Dare 048.Whisper 049.Insecure 050.Writers' Choice

Special Agent K. Terrence Corben

001.Spiral 002.Ghost 003.Control 004.Bruise 005.Destiny
006.Element 007.Fade 008.Darkness 009.Fire 010.Blood
011.Bound 012.Bolt 013.Wormhole 014.Sacrifice 015.Pause
016.Space 017.Doubt 018.Ashes 019.Save 020.Write
021.Insult 022.Dare 023.Morph 024.Heal 025.Burden
026.Gate 027.Travel 028.Cage 029.Wake 030.Seed
031.Ring 032.Karma 033.Traitor 034.Stars 035.Voice
036.Backwards 037.Present 038.Salvation 039.Restrain 040.Myth
041.Hologram 042.Reaction 043.Alien 044.Burn 045.Brave
046.Necklace 047.Creation(ism) 048.Guilt 049.Reality 050.Writers' Choice

Special Agent Gerhard Stahl

001.Focus 002.Room 003.Sink 004.Story 005.Pool
006.Hook 007.Maze 008.Bold 009.Crush 010.Heal
011.Branch 012.Reign 013.Echo 014.Shadow 015.Dusk
016.Dawn 017.Plain 018.File 019.Charm 020.Plan
021.Blink 022.Grin 023.Spoon 024.Panic 025.Snow
026.Patrol 027.Opportunity 028.Vertical 029.Horizon 030.Replace
031.Fool 032.Intervention 033.Gift 034.Restless 035.Weight of the World
036.Wild 037.Harsh 038.Initiative 039.Pang(s) 040.Primal
041.Bribery 042.Theft 043.Impatience 044.Pray 045.Merchandise
046.Survivor 047.Captured 048.Uncivilized 049.Poke 050.Writers' Choice

Special Agent Felix Delgado

001.Love 002.Hate 003.Pain 004.Joy 005.Fear
006.Trust 007.Betray 008.Promise 009.Appreciate 010.Annoy
011.Death 012.Blood 013.Grave 014.Life 015.Breath
016.Mind 017.Think 018.Share 019.Toy 020.Guard
021.Moonlight 022.Sunshine 023.Wish 024.Undecided 025.Heaven
026.Dispose 027.Illusive 028.Inside 029.Home 030.Sleep
031.Phone 032.Discover 033.Investigate 034.Confide 035.Follow
036.Threat 037.Survive 038.Together 039.Remember 040.Mistake
041.Try 042.Fall 043.Redo 044.Experiment 045.Hollow
046.Missing 047.Broken 048.Sympathy 049.Collide 050.Writers' Choice



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